Team Training: Marketing & Sales

We specialize in instructor-led marketing training for learning organizations. 

Training Topics

Creating a Learning Culture

Congratulations! You are making an investment in your company culture. Offering professional development to employees is an affordable and smart way to attract and retain top talent. 


Team Training Starts with a Plan

Whether you are a new marketing manager, a business owner, or an entrepreneur, the key to growth is continual learning.  To get you started right, Beckmann Collaborative offers a training plan. Our team training services based on real business experience along with tested methods of marketing strategy and marketing operations. Every team training includes resources for continual practice and implementation, such as written guides and videos. All team trainings begin with a training plan customized to your business.

Creating a Training Plan

Before jumping into an intensive team training session, we need a plan. Together we create a training plan that is unique to your business, your team, and your needs. 

The plan may be for marketing operations improvements, technology training, content marketing strategy, or another area of improvement. The purpose of creating a plan first is to make the absolute best use of your time and money. There is no waste on "cool ideas" that are innovative and "trendy."

Our aim is for productivity and success. 

Begin with a Planning Session

What's Included in Training?

Planning Session

Review the team roles and responsibilities, business growth needs, and barriers to success. Get a defined outline of what to expect in your team training.


Training sessions include both interactive exercises and “brain breaks” for the team to absorb the information, discuss, and bond.


Every training session includes a post-training recap. This usually comes in  the form of written notes and a recording of the training session. 

Training Topics

What topics does Beckmann Collaborative offer training in? Click a topic below to see further details.

We are certified in Zoho CRM and authorized partners. What does that mean? We really love and understand how to best use Zoho CRM. Let us help you get started.

What happens after you close that big deal in Zoho CRM? You need to manage the project, assign tasks, and track your time. Let us help you get up and running with Zoho Project. 

You could hire someone to create your marketing strategy for you. The downside of that approach is that your input and understanding of the process is limited, so you become dependent on your marketing strategist. Let us guide you through the process and build your marketing strategy together. 

Before jumping into the creation of a marketing plan or marketing strategy, you need to know where things stand right now. You can do this by learning how to audit your content and marketing tactics. We can show you how. 

Understanding your target customers is key to successful marketing. But do you know who your ideal customers are? Together, we can create customer personas for your business to use as a tool across marketing, product development, and operations. 

What are the steps a person takes to get from having a need that your business serves to purchasing and becoming a loyal customer? We can work through your customer's journey offline and online to find your weaknesses and strengths. This can improve your sales, marketing, and operational efficiencies. 

Without measurement, marketing cannot be proven and there is no ROI. Luckily, there are many different measurement tools to help - especially Google Analytics. Let us show you the ropes and help you setup your account in a way that serves your business. 

Do people still blog? Yes, blogging comes in many forms now - videos, podcasts, and written blog posts. We can guide you through the best practices for generating SEO optimized content that serves value to your customers and drives new traffic. 

Every business is on social media these days. There is a great divide between those who are leveraging it as a powerful marketing tool and those who are guessing. We can show you how to set realistic goals and KPIs, identify best practices, and create a social media content plan.

Pricing Options

Start with a planning session to strategize your training, then we can customize the training to your team's needs.

2 Hour Training


Includes 1 Planning Meeting

Discuss Training Needs

Review Goals & Barriers

2 Hours Team Training

Accountability Follow-up


Half-Day Training


Includes 1 Planning Session 

Discuss Training Needs

Review Goals & Barriers

4 Hours of Team Training

On-Site Training within 30 miles of Austin, Texas


Full Day Training


Includes 1 Planning Session

Discuss Training Needs

Review Goals & Barriers

6 Hours Training 

On-Site Training within 30 miles of Austin, Texas




Candice DeRiso is a marketing strategist and trainer fascinated by the integration of consulting and training. Over the past 5 years, she has seen the positive benefits of improving processes within a business.  She knows that when processes are efficient, it creates more space for marketing and creativity on a team.  Candice is a marketing veteran with a comprehensive knowledge base.  She has experience working with large institutions like Carnegie Hall and Broadway Shows in New York City, and  also smaller organizations such as the Austin Technology Council. In addition to the team training she leads for Beckmann Collaborative, Candice is an instructor with General Assembly and Imparture Training 



Team Training Adds Value to Your Business

  • Onboarding new marketing staff members
  • Reduce employee attrition rates
  • Providing professional development experiences
  • Increase sales through the positive attitude of your staff
  • Unite the team under a consistent and focused approach to customer service and marketing
  • Create a positive team building experience while learning



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