5 Simple Strategies for Attracting Visitors to Your Blog

content marketing May 19, 2021
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Blogs are amazing tools for boosting your authority in the industry, generating leads, communicating the values that are important to you and creating a community around your business. However, merely posting content isn’t enough to attract visitors and make your blog thrive.

When you adopt blog-friendly strategies, it will boost your efforts and get the most out of your writing. In this post, we’ll be talking about five simple strategies you should use to attract more visitors to your blog.

Attracting Visitors by Publishing More Often and Consistently

Posting new articles often and on a consistent frequency can be a simple and effective way of attracting new visitors to your blog.

Since Google’s search algorithm loves websites that are updated often, frequent posting can improve your blog’s SEO. When frequent updates to your blog become visible to Google, it will index your website more often. This means your blog posts will be listed in the search results and land more visits. The more often you post fresh content to your blog, the more visitors will see it.

Frequent posting on a recognizable schedule can create a habit with readers - driving them to check in often.

If you post frequently, you’ll encourage your readers to visit your blog several times a week in search of updates. This way, you’ll increase the volume of visits to your blog. According to a study by HubSpot, posting 3-4 times per week results in high traffic and conversions for blogs.

Increasing the total number of pages / posts on your domain will attract more organic traffic over time, which boosts your SEO and improves search rankings. If you’re not SEO-savvy but want to increase your traffic, start by publishing posts as often as you can.

Optimize Posts for SEO

Making sure your blog posts are SEO-optimized is a must if you want visitors to easily find your blog from search.

By making sure your blog posts are SEO-optimized, you ensure that the users searching for the keywords you used notice your posts in their search results. This will effectively lead them to your blog post and increase the number of visitors. Thus, blog post SEO optimization is key for achieving blog visibility.

For your readers to listen to your advice and try out the content you’re recommending, they have to believe you’re an expert they can trust. When your blog posts have great visibility on search engines, readers will be more inclined to rely on you as an authority in your field.

Optimizing your posts for SEO is key for maintaining your reputation of expertise and trustworthiness, which is why you shouldn’t skip on it.

SparkToro has found that search engine optimization results in 20 times more traffic opportunities than paid clicks on both mobile and desktop searches.

If you’re writing blog posts and want them to be read and discovered, optimizing them for SEO will bring you more traffic opportunities than using a PPC approach. A strong SEO game is crucial if you want readers to discover and engage with your blog posts.

Make Blog Content Engaging and Valuable

Writing posts that are engaging and have actionable value has a tremendous impact on the performance and success of your blog.

Adding value to your blog post increases the crawl time on your website. When visitors get value from your posts, they spend more time on your blog. This leads them to discover other blog posts and engage with your content longer.

By doing so, you’ll effectively increase your blog’s conversion rate, newsletter sign-ups, and active time spent on your website. When covering a topic, make sure the post gives value to the reader.


Engaging content is great for getting visitors to share, comment, and recommend your posts, in addition to coming back themselves. They will frequently return to your blog whenever they need actionable insight that will help them solve a problem. So, making the content of your blog engaging should be a priority. This is easiest to managing through marketing campaigns.

A survey by Venngage has found that 40% of marketers believe adding content such as photos and infographics to blog posts makes them more engaging and boosts performance. When posts have unique visual content, their readers are also more likely to share them. Blog posts should be content-rich and engaging to achieve excellent performance.

When the content you post is unappealing and adds little to no value to the reader, your blog won’t stand a chance in today’s Internet environment. Therefore, you should make it your mission to create engaging and valuable content.

Analyze Your Audience to Come up With Highly Relevant Topic Ideas

To have the best impact, you need to analyze your audience and discover highly relevant topic ideas they will want to read about. Understanding what topics are relevant to your audience allows you to address their needs as readers and potential customers.

When you know how to cover the right topic, you can write about them in your post and attract new readers whenever they have a problem you could solve. This gives you the opportunity to come across as a trustworthy expert that they can approach.

Addressing your audience-related topics makes you an expert in your niche. Every niche blog has to cover current and up-to-date topics. This way, your blog will become a go-to place for industry-relevant news, solutions, and discussions. Making a name for yourself in your target niche starts by coming up with highly relevant topics and covering them in a quality manner.

There are many ways you can approach finding blog topics to write about. You should start your analysis by looking at:

  • industry trends and reports
  • audience pain points
  • seasonal topics 
  • competition’s blog
  • keyword research


Understanding these and how they resonate with your potential readers will give you a sense of direction as you decide what to write about. The topics you choose to cover in your blog must be highly relevant and click with your audience.


Attracting new visitors to your blog is hard work that takes genuine effort. Thankfully, by adopting a handful of simple, easy-to-start habits, the visitor count of your blog can skyrocket. This will create new opportunities for your business and do wonders for your lead generation efforts.


Guest Author: Ashley Wilson

— Ashley Wilson is a content creator, writing about business and tech. She has been known to reference movies in casual conversation and enjoys baking homemade treats for her husband and their two felines, Lady and Gaga. You can get in touch with Ashley via Twitter.

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