Practices to Better Employee Well-being in the Workplace

guest blog strategy training Aug 26, 2019

Guest Post by Louisa Garcia Moreno

Employees today spend most of their lives in the workplace and when it’s not designed with their well-being in mind it can be a stressful and draining experience and could potentially harm their performance.

Safeguarding the mental, physical, emotional and financial health of employees in the workplace is the goal of corporate wellness. The effects that stress and poor health can have over performance levels and business success should not be underestimated. When lack of wellness inadvertently becomes part of a company’s culture it can have serious consequences for a business — what begins as employees’ poor performance may eventually translate into poor performance at a corporate level.

According to’s 2019 L&D Report, the linking factor between well-being and business success is employee engagement, which in turn influences performance and productivity. Highly engaged employees typically lead to high performance and productivity levels, and overall result in happier and more satisfied workers. Employees whose health is in one way or another compromised cannot be expected to be as engaged and perform at the same level as those who have a healthy workplace.


How Learning & Development can improve wellbeing and engagement levels in your workplace

How can L&D (Learning & Development) initiatives help with employee well-being and engagement levels in the workplace? There are many ways to use corporate learning and training, but here are three very effective ways to apply L&D to heighten employee engagement levels in an organization and to address company wellness issues at their core.

1. Soft Skills
Companies with highly engaged employees are 1.5x more likely to prioritize soft skills development, which links soft skills training to engagement. Developing employees’ skills is a way in which they can attain training that benefits them in more ways than one. Due to their personal nature, soft skills engage a person on multiple levels, both mentally and emotionally, and result in increased confidence and performance.

It’s also important to remember that one of the job seekers’ main concerns today is having the possibility to grow within an organization. Many will forego joining a company due to the lack of learning opportunities, which makes investing in soft skills development even more crucial to business success.

2. Classroom Training
Online learning is slowly becoming the norm for corporate training and is a great option for companies due to its low cost and time-saving nature but the L&D report found that the face to face experience of classroom training is more efficient if your end goal is employee engagement, so much so that companies whose staff reports as highly engaged were 94% more likely to be offered to those staff members classroom training.

3. Diversity and Inclusion
Lack of diversity in the workplace can be very harmful to your brand by creating an image of intolerance and limit the possibilities of innovation. This negatively impacts recruiting potential and even puts a damper on business success itself. Companies that saw growth in 2018 were 72% more likely to have high diversity in their organization compared to those lacking in diversity.

Diversity is a sign of a healthy workplace and adding learning and development training (L&D) as part of a company’s wellness initiatives, as opposed to imposing a mandatory standard. This aids your organization’s efforts to engage employees by transforming your workplace into a safe space where employees feel trust and inclusion.

Improving employee well-being and engagement is possible by creating a strong learning culture in the workplace through creative L&D strategies which will not only lead to better retention and satisfaction levels for employees, it will also result in better performance and productivity levels for your organization overall.

About the Author

Louisa Garcia Moreno is a content editor for the education and professional development portals and Based in Stockholm, she has written articles on a wide range of subjects about trends within education and professional training, such as L&D, cultures of innovation and leadership.


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