Giving Back to the Community: The Refuge for DMST

texas Jan 10, 2020

As an Austin, Texas based business, Beckmann Collaborative is always seeking to build relationships in our community. Among the many organizations in the greater Austin area is an organization making a huge impact on innocent lives in a difficult situation. 


"The Refuge for DMST™ was launched in November 2013. The primary purpose of The Refuge for DMST is to develop The Refuge Ranch, a long-term therapeutic ranch just outside the city of Austin, with on-site comprehensive services for girls, minors through age 19, who are survivors of sex trafficking... It is the largest, long-term, live-in rehabilitation facility for child survivors of sex trafficking in the United States." More about The Refuge


According to a study conducted by UT Austin, there are a least 79,000 minors and youth victims of sex trafficking in the state of Texas (Source: 


Why We Care

This issue impacts everyone in our community and speaks directly to our mission. At Beckmann Collaborative, we aim to reduce the skills gap, especially among young people seeking employment in business and marketing. The young women coming out of these situations of trafficking are facing many hurtles. Among them is a gap in their education and skill training. We want to support organizations like The Refuge who are giving young women their lives back. 


How You Can Give Back To

The Refuge regularly updates their donation list. This is a wish list of items needed for the survivors recovering at The Refuge Ranch. The girls often arrive at the ranch with very few personal possessions. These are basic necessities and seasonal items, plus some creature comforts to help the girls feel at home. 

On January 23, 2020 there will be a collection at For the City Center. You can view the wish list items and additional details here:


We will update this post with any emails we receive from clients, partners, and community members about what is being donated. See you on January 23rd! 


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