A Business' Holiday List of Joyful To-Dos

crm strategy Dec 01, 2021
Business Holiday List

What is your business doing to have a successful holiday season and wrap up the year nicely? 


We have a few ideas that may help you think about the joyful to-dos for your business this December. 


1. Send Personalized Cards

Yes, this is a no-brainer on your holiday to-do list as a business that cares for its customers. However, the important word in this to-do is "personalized." 

Whether you send a printed card, a gift, or even just an email, the important part of the experience for customers and partners is personalization. No one wants to feel like another number in your rolodex. Make sure they know that you know who they are and that they matter. 

Yes, there are semi-automated ways of doing this (if you really cannot afford the time). However, I emplore you (specifically B2B companies) to make time to think about your customers / clients. Aim to send a unique message to them. 


2. Plan Ahead for Taking Time Off

Another somewhat obvious to-do on your holiday list is planning ahead. You may take 1-2 weeks off for the holidays, which is fantastic. You probably need that downtime to recharge and return to the office refreshed. 

Before you do that, give you community (clients, customers, partners, team) plenty of notice about your plans. If you are going to be totally unavailable, then be sure to clearly communicate that, and have a way of managing potential needs while you are away. 

This is also about thinking ahead to January. If you are in sales or marketing, then you may want to be booking meetings now for the month of January. People are stressed and busy in December, but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on opportunities in the new year. Also have a way of sending a reminder to anyone you book time with so that your meeting does not get lost in the post-holiday shuffle. 


3. Build Win-Win Partnerships

As a collaborative organization, we really love partnerships. If there are areas where you need extra support during the holidays (such as printing, packaging, shipping, or decorations), then find a partner. 

Be sure to build partnerships based on a mutual win. 


4. Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Play music in the office, even if you work remotely. Dress up for holiday parties. Go to holiday festivals. Make hot chocolate (even if it's 75 degress outside). Show up to events with a smile on your face. Embrace the joy of the holiday season. 

If you are going through a tough time, you should still try to do these things. Even forcing yourself to smile at first will lead to you actually feeling better. There's real psychology behind that.

People like to work with other people who are a joy to be around. So do it for your colleagues, customers, and the community. 


5. Give Back to Your Community

Ideally, you are doing this all year round. If not, the holidays are a very good reminder that there are people less fortunate than you are who you can positively impact. 

Yes, you could do corporate giving. That is lovely and a very strategic gesture. You can also give as an individual. Or maybe invite some of your team members to do something with you like volunteer at a food bank for a day. You get a chance to bond with people and make a difference in other's lives. 

Giving and gratitude are some of the most powerful ways to lift yourself and others up. The holidays are a good time to do both. 


Wishing You a Very Happy Holiday Season

We are definitely in the holiday spirit around here at Beckmann Collaborative. The team got a bit goofy and took photos so that we could send out a fun card to our community. Since we like you, you can take a look at it...


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