Cheers to You! Happy Holidays from Beckmann Collaborative

This year, more than ever before, we are so very grateful to work with our clients and collaborators. Randi, Elizabeth and I really enjoy supporting each company and their team. It is thanks to open minds, patience and shared drive for success that we have accomplished so much together in 2020.

In 2020 we learned and reaffirmed:

1. Trust is the Foundation.  For us, loving honesty is key to our success in building relationships of trust. Sometimes we see ways to make content marketing or CRM process better and it may contradict what clients say they want. We could bow down and pretend the client is always right, but then they would not succeed. Instead, we share honest feedback in a loving way. This is how we build a foundation of trust.


2. Frequent Communication. Especially in these times of remote working a an increased number of virtual meetings, communication breakdowns are all too easy to come across. We added a few new layers to our internal and external communications to be sure everyone is on the same page. 


3. Patience and Kindness. I'm proud to say the Beckmann Collaborative team has always been very patient and kind in all of our partnerships with clients and collaborators. This year posed new challenges for our clients - juggling more than usual and feeling the strain at times. So we went above and beyond to share our kindness and be patient when deadlines passed or we were waiting on something. The result is appreciative clients. 




We toast to the strong partnerships we have built with clients, collaborators, and the larger community.  May we all have a great new year ahead in 2021 with more opportunities, bigger growth and success for all.

Happy Holidays to you and to your family!



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