Does Your Team Actually Need Zoho CRM Training?

Mar 30, 2022
CRM Training

How do you know if you NEED someone else to guide your CRM training?

Zoho CRM Training Checklist

We have put together a checklist of questions to ask yourself to use when deciding whether you can learn on your own or if it's better to get outside help. 

If you landed here and are unclear about what a CRM system is or why you need it, then read this article first. It discusses the key reasons you should map out a CRM Strategy before jumping in to setting things up.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This article talks about the software or systems businesses use to manage professional relationships (i.e. clients, customers, partners, and vendors).


Who is Your CRM Owner?

There should always be a person on your team who is designated as the "owner" of your CRM. This means he or she is accountable for the health of your CRM system and data. 

When deciding who should manage the CRM for your business, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What problems are you trying to solve by using a CRM?
  • How do you define “owning” CRM?
  • Who within your organization needs access to it?
  • Who on your team is "tech savvy" and understands the problems you're solving?

A CRM owner (aka administrator) is usually someone who can bridge the gap between understanding the technology and the users in your organization - often he or she is also a user.  This person must understand the business / sales process and data governance


Zoho CRM Training Checklist

This checklist will help you to decide if your internal CRM Owner needs training from an outside professional - rather than going about it alone.


1. CRM Strategy is well-defined

By far, this is the most important step you will take to successfully use a CRM system. This includes your goals, your sales process, and customer journey map. 


2. Implementation Plan

What by When is vital. This is your detailed plan for how you plan to roll out your CRM set up. Start with how you will prepare your data before importing, integrations, and then training.


3. User's Tech Savvy

How many people need to be trained and  what is each one's level of tech-savvy / learning? Depending on how easily your team can learn new material is a big factor in deciding how to handle CRM training. 


4. User's Willingness to Learn

If you are training sales team members who "hate having to track every little thing" in a CRM, then you will be up against a barrier.  This can often be a deciding factor for a business, whether you need outside help with CRM training or not. 


Can Your CRM Owner Take on These 4 CRM Training Items? 

Yes, you want to create a dedicated strategy and implementation plan for your CRM and document it in detail. If your CRM owner cannot take on this task or refuses to do so, then you should consider asking for outside help. These first two steps of documenting your strategy and implementation plan can make or break your business' successful use of a CRM system. 

Secondary, but also vital, are the users. If your users are not tech savvy or they are resistant to learning a new software, it also presents a problem for some businesses. When someone on your team (the CRM owner) must keep his or her co-workers accountable for something like using a software, it can sometimes create friction in the office. This may be another instance where an outside firm helping with the CRM training. 


As a marketer, launching a new CRM can be quite challenging. 

While you may understand the value of a CRM, getting the rest of your team to actually use it properly can be a problem.  The key is for you to get the team excited about the improvement and developing a functional training plan. If you don't want to go at this alone, then there's no need to. That is why people like Beckmann Collaborative exist. We have worked with more than 30 different companies and organizations to provide customized Zoho CRM Training.

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