Independent Contractor vs Employee for Marketing Work

strategy May 10, 2023
Contract Marketers

As a small business owner, I prefer working with Independent Contractors

 Why? Simply put, independent talent is excellent to work with.


When you run a small business, it's important to have people ready on your "virtual bench" who can quickly jump onto a project or work with a new client. 

What kind of person becomes an independent contractor? Why would someone take on the risk of being solo instead of having the security of a full-time employer?

Contractors have more flexibility, autonomy, and room for creativity. It's ideal for people with an entrepreneurial spirit. And THAT is a big part of why they are so great to work with when you're a small business owner or entrepreneur yourself. In addition, hiring a contract worker rather than a full-time employee could save your business money.

There are some limitations and potential risks with hiring contractors too. 


What is an Independent Contractor?

An independent contractor or freelancer is self-employed and operates independently with their own entity (usually sole proprietorship or LLC). This individual is not an employee. Contractors work on their own time without close oversight - micromanagers would hate it. They may work for multiple companies at one time.



Why Contractors Are Better Than Employees for Marketing Strategy

If you're a small business owner, then you know that having the right strategy and process is crucial to your success. How do you find the right people to execute your vision? There are several options—you can hire full-time employees, contract a consulting firm (like us), contract with individual freelancers, or get an intern—but what does each of these mean for your business? Let's take a look at why contractors and contracted consulting firms may be better than employees for developing your marketing strategy and how they could help your organization grow.



If you're looking for a contractor, you can hire them for specific projects or roles. You can also hire contractors based on their skills or industries. If your marketing strategy requires specialized knowledge of a particular country, then hiring a contractor who has worked there would be ideal for your company. For example, Beckmann Collaborative seeks out contractors with experience in the B2B space since those are the clients we serve.



You may ask, "But what if I need an employee to do a specific task? Will they have the expertise in their field?" The answer is yes.

If you're looking for someone to work on marketing strategy or create content, contractors are likely to be more qualified than your current employees. Contractors often have experience and knowledge in many different industries that require deep expertise to succeed (and survive). In contrast, employees usually don't spend enough time learning about their area of expertise because they're too busy with day to day tasks such as filling out paperwork or answering customer questions.

Some companies will hire interns who will be willing to work harder than full-time staff members without being paid as much money because they are hungry to learn. While interns are a wonderful addition to any team, they have not yet attained the hard skills that a marketer needs to develop and guide a marketing strategy. They may not know how things work within your company yet so it would take longer than usual before getting started (which means less productivity overall).


No Hiring, Firing or Training Costs

One of the biggest reasons why small businesses like contractors and contract vendors is the simplicity of the process.  You don't have to deal with hiring, firing or training costs. There are no benefits or payroll taxes, which can add up quickly if you hire full time staff members who work long hours and overtime on a regular basis. Contractors also don't require a long-term commitment from your business. They work with you for as long as their contract is valid - or however long it takes for them to complete their job. 


Contractors are a great option for marketing strategy because they offer flexibility and expertise that is hard to find with employees

Contractors are a great option for developing and implementing a marketing strategy because they offer flexibility and expertise that employees do not always have. Working with contractors gives you the freedom to hire or fire them at any time without worrying about termination costs or hiring new people. Of course, you should be considerate of them as individuals and respectful of the relationship. However, the legal, financial and technical requirements are significantly reduced.

Contractors also bring their own ideas and strategies to your business, which can help your business grow even more than it already has grown on its own. They are a great option for defining your marketing strategy. If you're looking for someone who can help you with your next project or campaign, contact us today!


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