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Sell Online Courses Faster with Kajabi's Marketing Automation Tools


Beckmann Collaborative has been using Kajabi to host our online courses and resources for several years now. About two and a half years ago, we made the leap to move our entire website over to Kajabi from Wordpress. [I still love Wordpress as a website CMS].

When you need a no-code "one-stop shop" software to market and sell online courses,  membership sites, products etc, Kajabi is likely to come up in your search. 

You may already know that we really love marketing automation. And that is why we've been writing this series of articles on the topic. The first article was all about helping your sales team to automate in your CRM. In the second article, we dug into the specifics of automating emails - specific email automation sequences. And this article specifically talks about the cool, helpful automation tools that Kajabi offers. 

If you have a coaching, training, or other online program then you may want to consider Kajabi as your LMS (Learning Management System) and sales / marketing system. 


Marketing Automations in Kajabi

1. Pipelines

Pipelines are pre-built marketing funnel blueprints.

These template pipelines are especially useful if you are completely unsure about where to start with your marketing funnel setup.  When you click on a Pipeline, it will generate pre-made landing pages, checkout pages, and email copy to help you get started. From there, you can make it your own. 

This is the "hack" for anyone who is looking to get moving with selling your course or product by providing ready-to-use playbooks.


Here's an example Pipeline:

  • Opt-In Page is very simple. It has a call to action and an opt-in form. This is where you do something simple like a free download or a wait list.
  • When someone fills out that form, it automatically begins a 8-email drip campaign. Use these emails to tell the story of your product. 
  • The email copy includes calls to action links driving people to the sales page.
  • This sales page is where you make the final sales push to answer people's questions and objections. Make sure they understand the value of what you are offering and the impact it will make in their life. 
  • The "buy now" button takes the prospect to a checkout page that you can also customize with content such as what they should expect next. 



2. Email Automations: Broadcast or Sequences / Drip

While the whole "pipeline" tool in Kajabi is the most powerful because it has all of the automations pre-set for you, you can do even more. If you have not yet read our other article that listed out some helpful email automations, then now is a good time to read it.

Similar to a CRM, the Kajabi platform gives you tools to push out broadcast emails (manually) or to automate email sequences based on a trigger.

A few email trigger ideas:

  • When a broadcast email is opened or a particular link is clicked
  • When a form is submitted (i.e. opt-ins)
  • When someone purchases a product (called an Offer) or you have granted it to someone
  • When someone has been inactive for 7,30, 60 or 90 days
  • When an assessment (aka a quiz or test) is completed


3. Automate Event Registration

Here's an idea... let's say you have a free webinar that you want to get out into the world, especially to the people already in your Kajabi database.  Guess what? You can send an email to them and automatically register them for the event. 

OR you can automatically register anyone with a specific tag on their account. 

I will not pretend for a minute that setting up an event and all of the pieces in Kajabi is quick if you do not use an existing Pipeline. However, it is quite easy. Follow these steps:

  • Create your event 
  • Create a registration form
  • Create a landing page and add your form there
  • THEN you can setup the cool automations such as automatically registering people or granting a special offer if someone registers. 



4. Grant Offers / Courses Automatically

 The last automation I like to use is the ability to grant access to one of your products  or online courses. Why would you do this? Simply put... when you have teaser content that helps sell your bigger ticket items. 

For example: You may be launch a robust 8 week course on your niche topic. It's great content so the price reflects it at $897.  To help sell this product, you have also decided to launch a teaser mini-course that gives a bit of value for free. 

First you send out a broadcast email to everyone in your database. Then, you have an automation setup that when anyone clicks the link to "learn more" about your new course, they are automatically granted an offer to your mini-course. 

This sets off a few actions. It will send another email to that person saying "you've been granted an offer" to XYZ mini-course for free. Yes, people could ignore this. However, everyone likes a gift. And that is what your mini-course could be - a free gift for having some sort of interest. 


These are just a few ideas

There are so many other things you can automate in Kajabi with a somewhat "set it and forget it" mindset. These are just a few ideas that I've used and found helpful. If you are shopping around for a LMS and marketing automation platform right now, get a free 30 day trial of Kajabi. Always be sure to test-drive things first. 

30 Day Free trial of Kajabi

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