Creating a Marketing Workflow

content marketing productivity strategy Oct 14, 2019

Mindset First: Your marketing is going to be awful if you cannot get "in the flow" to write good quality content and express something useful and interesting. 

Here's a quick video with 3 Tips for Getting in the Flow

A strong content marketing strategy uses customization to engage your ideal customers and help you meet marketing goals. As a marketing team grows, things can slowly become a little "off".  The voice of your content may not be right, things may get rushed to meet deadlines, or a marketing idea may not align with your business goals. That is why we create different processes for generating better content more consistently. We call these processes workflows.

Workflow management can build efficiencies into your business, so you spend more time doing meaningful work rather than getting lost in minute details (or becoming a micromanager).

A workflow is simply a routine or recurring process used to get the best results in the most efficient amount of time.  It can be illustrated as a series of steps in a diagram or a checklist showing what needs to be completed and the sequence.


QUICK STORY: Designing an Efficient Bar 


 How Do You Create a Marketing Workflow?

Just as Mike stepped back to think about the most logical sequence of steps that happens in a bar, you can do this with your content marketing.  Start with your resources. 

Who and What Resources are needed for content marketing? Here is a list to give you an idea of what may be on your list...

  • People: Copywriter, Designer, Strategist, and Project Manager
  • Creative Tools: Canva / Adobe, Google Docs, Content Calendar, Zoho Projects
  • Management Tools: Hootsuite / Zoho Social, Email platform (i.e. MailChimp / Zoho Campaigns), Wordpress

Everyone wants to use the tools that they like. How do you keep the team on the same page and completing work in the correct sequence? You create a workflow. Parts of your marketing workflow will be automated while other parts will be done by a person. 


Example Marketing Workflow (Simple)

1. Marketing Strategist comes up with the BIG IDEA for a campaign. This strategy is based on business goals and has specific KPIs attached to it. He or she documents the campaign goal and idea in a shared Content Calendar

2. A meeting is scheduled with the strategist, copywriter, and designer. During this short meeting, they discuss the specific content ideas (social posts, emails, etc) that should be created for the marketing campaign. The team enters their notes into their shared content calendar and get to work. 

3. The Copywriter and Designer each have clear direction about what to do, so they work simultaneously - using Zoho Project to track their progress and communicate about their individual tasks. As they check off a task, a notification is sent to the Project Manager to inform him/her of the status. 

4. Once the content is created, the Project Manager takes over. She/he reviews the marketing campaign goals, KPIs, and content. This is a key part of the job - making sure everything is in alignment (brand voice, target audience, calls to action, etc). If there are any questions, a call with the strategist is needed. 

5. After reviewing the marketing campaign and confirming everything, the Project Manager goes into the various management tools to schedule and post content. This may include Zoho Social for social media posts, Wordpress for a blog post, and Zoho Campaigns for the broadcast email. 

6. As results come in from the campaign, the Project Manager receives notifications and reports via email that are automatically triggered by the system. This reduces the work needed to check for updates. It also reminds the Project Manager about engagement with social posts, replying to email responses, etc. 

7. The Project Manager evaluates the campaign results at key points and compares them to the KPIs and overall goals. He/she shares this information with the strategist so that they can make necessary adjustments and optimize the marketing campaign. 



What else in your marketing needs a workflow?

  • Lead generation
  • New customer onboarding
  • On-going client relationship management
  • Blog writing
  • Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Email newsletter creation and distribution

 If you are a Zoho User, then you will find the power of workflows can be implemented using a project management tool such as Zoho Projects or Sprints. The key with those tools is to set it up just the way you like it. Our next post talks about how to set up your Zoho Projects dashboard to meet your needs. 


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