Mentoring Programs Are Worth The Investment

goals training Apr 13, 2017

Since today is my birthday (Candice Beckmann), I wanted to share some personal insights from my experiences of growing up with incredible mentoring programs for developing my professional skills.

And I’d like to also express my gratitude for those individuals and employers who saw the importance of investing in me and others.


Mentors Make a Huge Difference

Mentoring programs help to build skills, not only in daily work duties, but also in the less tangible areas such as leadership, teamwork, confidence, and self-awareness. A great mentor provides priceless advice and guidance, which an employee or mentee will take on throughout her career. Thank you to those who have taken the time and patience to coach and support me over the years.

My life and the lives of those I work with are better because of the opportunities I had to learn and grow with past companies through training and mentoring programs. So I pay it forward as often as possible. I love being in a mentoring role for marketers and creatives. We get each other, respect each other, and learn from each other.

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Training Programs Matter

There are so many benefits to creating great training programs in your organization. Past programs that I participated in truly helped to further develop my skills and introduce me to new skills. During my time at Carnegie Hall, I was lucky enough to have an entire team of brilliant copywriting editors and designers to train me. Our writing workshops and campaign brainstorms pushed me to try new approaches, improve my writing skills, and see marketing campaigns in new ways. My personal and professional growth has been shaped by the mentors that I’ve worked with.

So how do you make a successful mentoring program in which both the organization and the employees benefit and gain value?

Participation is the key to success from both parties in the mentor/mentee relationship.

According to Pew Research, more than one in three workers is a Millennial. If you want to retain talent (especially Millennials), it’s important to create a program that your employees can learn and thrive in. This also presents an opportunity to participate in what is known as reverse mentoring, which allows both parties to learn something from one another or create a collaboration of learning. For example, the seasoned professional can learn new tactics with technology, social media, or anything relating to the constant change in today’s digital work environments while providing the coaching on core skills training to the mentee for success in the workforce.

Collaboration through partnerships is a huge part of what I do now, and I owe that mindset to all of my past employers. I am forever grateful for those experiences, the people I worked with and the ways they empowered me to collaborate. From community outreach to specific organizations to strategic alliances and sponsorships, collaboration is so key to what we do as marketers.

Thank you, mentors, bosses, leaders, and colleagues for everything you’ve done to make me a better person and leader.

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