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partners Aug 01, 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Partner Program for Beckmann Collaborative!

Over the past 5 years, we have shared resources with our partners in efforts to support small business owners across the United States. Collaborating with these partners has enabled us to deliver the best results to consulting clients. Partnerships have also provided opportunities for us to share knowledge, connections, and save money. We aim to support partners in growing their businesses by attracting and retaining their ideal customers.

Business has evolved, and so has Beckmann Collaborative’s partner program. We are moving beyond handshake agreements to support each other. The new partner program intends to grow partner relationships with deeper roots as we grow our businesses. We are building a partner community. 

The program is now accepting new partners. We are open to working with both established and up-and-coming businesses from a wide variety of industries and offerings. Whether you're a graphic designer, video editor, photographer, business coach, copywriter, sales expert, finance expert, attorney, or another business, we love building valuable partnerships. 


The general qualifications for an ideal partner are:

  • Similar Ideal Customer. We serve small businesses that have teams of 1 - 50, they are growing or scaling, and have an interest in professional development and employee training.
  • Active in Your Business. Whether your business is new or established, it's important that you're actively working on it. 
  • High Level of Integrity. You do what you say you will. Being both reliable and honest in all parts of your business is important to success.
  • Collaborative Nature. Businesses grow through collaboration and not in silos, so we are open to input and work well with others. 

The partner program will provide a variety of benefits to our partners including: 

  • Referral Fees
  • Commission on Projects
  • Discounts on Online Courses
  • Discounts on Workshops
  • Affiliate Fees for Courses and Workshops
  • Hosting / Co-Hosting Courses and Workshops
  • Cross-Promotions 
  • Annual Partner Appreciation Event
  • Private Partner Community 


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