Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2019

Since Beckmann Collaborative is based in Austin, TX it is easy for us to visit clients in nearby Texas cities. It is also fun to go on a road trip! This week, we had the pleasure of visiting Killeen, Texas to work with the incredible team at NextHome Tropicana Realty  Our focus was on using social media marketing as an individual agent and how you can cross-pollinate your content with the company's social media. 

Quick Brag About This Team of Realtors

The team at NextHome Tropicana Realty is passionate and driven to support their local community in Killeen, TX. When we talked about their professional goals as an agent, the focus was not on money or becoming a "local celebrity."  These individuals were all about giving back and empowering others. Their target audience includes active-duty soldiers and their families, veteran retirees, army reserve folks, and beyond. One of the common topics was about the concept that buying a home seems inaccessible to those people. These agents are working with clients to build up their credit and prepare to buy a home - making the dream home totally accessible.  Isn't that fantastic?! 

A Social Media Training for Real Estate Agents

We gathered everyone together for one intensive social media workshop to brush up their skills, expand their knowledge, and help them make a plan.

1. Goal Setting. While it is easy to forget this step, it's vital to marketing the time you put into marketing worthwhile. We discussed their personal goals and SMART business goals - because the two often overlap. And then we defined the ways those goals can be rolled into specific marketing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 


2. Campaigns. Social Media Marketing can get out of hand if you don't create a structure for what you're doing, when, and why. Marketing campaigns can be as simple as a theme (i.e. lead generation, neighborhood-specific updates). Your campaigns are based on your goals and what is most relevant to your target audience. 


3. Platform Choice. You don’t need to be on every social media platform. Identify the social media platforms where your target audience is spending time so you can reach them. For these agents, we focused on Facebook and Instagram. 


4. Weekly Template. The easiest way to organize your social content is by using Google Sheets or an Excel Spreadsheet for planning weekly posts. This can be as simple as thematic days of the week or as robust as creating and organizing all of your posts, week by week. This approach will reduce the work you put into social media posting by giving you a focus each day.


Here are a few best practices to consider when you're a real estate agent, or anyone really, doing social media marketing:

  • Social Media is about Community. Talk about your town or neighborhood.
  • Re-share posts from the company page/account.
  • Tag other accounts and pages.
  • Hashtags: research them first. Know how to use them per platform.
  • Reputation management matters. Respond to all reviews & feedback.
  • Images and Video are gold. Use them often. Quality matters.
  • Offer tips that your target customers can use. 
  • Get Creative! Consider contests, events, and unique ways to engage people.