Why We Chose Kajabi for a LMS (Learning Management System)

training Jul 24, 2019

As a company with education and professional development rooted in our mission, we spent a good amount of time searching for the right LMS (Learning Management System).  While we loved using Wordpress for our website, finding an LMS plugin with a smooth integration was a challenge. 


Several clients and partners talked about Teachable, Udemy, and Thinkific. All of those platforms are great for certain people and companies. For us, we found them limiting. All of those platforms have a big database of customers who are often categorized as "casual learners" or inactive. Those are not the people who get value from deep-dive training that requires logical thinking and some elbow grease to get the work done right.  

For Beckmann Collaborative, Kajabi had the key elements we needed to cohesively work together. That includes a functioning website, LMS, ecommerce, triggered emails, and other marketing tools. Not only do they have all of these features, but the user interface is so easy to navigate and customer support is excellent. 


The Big LMS Comparison

Kajabi and Teachable are both content management systems that let you create, publish, and sell online courses. Meaning, if you have existing content such as video training or ebooks, you can package them nicely as digital products and sell them using either platform.


You can read about the comparison here: 

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Which platforms are you evaluating for hosting your online courses?