What is your Digital Marketing footprint like?

What’s in your marketing message? Does your target audience understand the value you can bring to them? Are you using a consistent message about your business throughout your digital marketing footprint - from website to social media presence and beyond?

All of your content — for marketing, sales, customer service, and anything else publicly available — is a reflection of your brand message. It should be clearly understood and provide value to your audience.  If you feel unsure about this, you are not alone. Branding and content strategy are not usually part of “how to start a business” education.


Your Social Media Footprint

Since social media began as “social” endeavor, as the name references, most of us have used it to connect with friends, family, and new people. However, using it for business is a different story. When you log in to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (or whatever platform) to promote your business, your instincts about what to post may not always be the best representation of the business’ brand. This is not because you are a fool, just a normal person who is not accustomed to using social media for business. There is not much training for this mindset and it’s a new way to approach social media.


3 Tips for Strengthening Your Digital Marketing Footprint

Digital marketing impacts a small business' ability to grow and reach their target audience.  To be successful, there are 3 things you can continue working on: Branding, Reputation, and Accessibility.

Reputation: Ignoring your business’ presence online (social media, reviews, listings) is a mistake.

Accessibility: Just like your email list or customer list, your digital marketing content requires attention and care. There is a community of people who want to interact with you - usually on social media. I understand that digital marketing can seem tedious task (even a dreadful for some small business owners). We live in a world of self-promotion and that can be draining. However, there are ways for you to offer valuable information to your audience AND have it be not so tedious or dreadful.

Branding: Consistently share your brand value. And have some fun with your marketing content! Stay on the topic that reflects your value proposition.


Here are a few questions start considering in relation to your social media presence:

1. When you create a publicly available profile, everyone can see what you are writing, sharing, and doing. Are these posts the best representation of your brand?

2. If you scrolled through Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook and saw this post, would you pause to read it? Would you click on it?

3. Reaching the largest possible audience is great, but reaching the right audience is better. Is your audience on this social media platform or should you be focusing elsewhere?

4. How are those reviews looking? If you have reviews of your business on social media, are they positive ones? And if they are not positive or offer feedback, have you taken the time to respond to the person? Avoidance is not the answer. This is an important part of reputation management. Your social media presence and reputation are highly dependent on the kind of content you’re putting out there.


Video Transcript:

Today I want to talk about social media content. Let’s touch upon two key items that will make your content, good content. And they’re really simple.


The first is your brand being consistent with your brand voice across all social media channels is key. That way people know it’s you, and it doesn’t mean word-for-word. But understand that your core values are reflected in all the content you put out there, and so consistently sharing it across all channels that you’re active on really matters. People are connecting with you for that consistency.


And number two is to recognize the value to your audience. Why do you have raving fans? Why do people follow you the way they do? It’s because you’re delivering something valuable, so make sure that you continue delivering value to them every single day.