NEW TRAINING: Zoho CRM and Integrations for Improved Productivity

crm partners training zoho Aug 29, 2018

Beckmann Collaborative is now an Authorized Zoho Partner!


What is Zoho?  It's is business management software that is cloud-based and can be fully integrated into every nook and cranny of a business. If you're interested, you can read their story and more about Zoho here


What does being a Zoho authorized partner mean? It means that we have worked with the many different Zoho applications long enough to officially help other small businesses to use it. 

At Beckmann Collaborative, we love marketing operations and improving processes. It's how we found Zoho. After using it within our own business for several months, we started to see how it could make our client's workflows much smoother and improve their productivity. So we've been helping several clients to implement it... so far it's going great.

The best "bang" for your buck, in our opinion, is Zoho One. This is your master-key to access all of the Zoho products. The reason you would want so many different applications is to keep everything connected and talking to each other.


Here is an example scenario of improved productivity using Zoho CRM + Zoho Survey:

You want to pre-qualify new clients for your consulting business. Before you even get on that initial call, there is important background information you'd like to collect. So you create a survey with questions (here is our Business Assessment Survey). 

When someone fills out that survey, all of their answers are mapped into your Zoho CRM account - creating a new lead. Then an email notification is triggered, letting me know that I have a new lead. Woohoo! 

The person who filled out the survey receives an email notification too. If he or she is a qualified lead (based on parameters set up in the survey), then they receive a link to schedule a meeting with you. Once they pick a day and time, you get another notification and an appointment shows upon your calendar. 

For this entire process, you did absolutely nothing. You got to sit back, relax, and focus on other business at hand. Focus is only directed to that new lead once they were decidedly qualified. 


Beckmann Collaborative now offers training and setup support for these kinds of marketing and sales operations. Learn more about our Zoho Consulting support > 

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