CRM Strategy Workshop in Austin, TX

Join us September 13th

A one-day immersive workshop where you will design your CRM strategy and CRM processes.
Beckmann Collaborative

The result of CRM is a customer-driven approach to your marketing and sales.
In this One-Day Immersive
CRM workshop, you'll get a QuickStart to:
👉 Understand CRM Best Practices 
👉 Create a CRM System Framework
👉 Organize Customer Communications Strategy
👉 Evaluate CRM Software Options


Why You Need a CRM Strategy

Are you tracking customer relationships with email chains and scribbles in a notebook? It's time for an upgrade! 

When a team of smart, driven people comes together to promote something they believe in, there is magic in the air. The energy of innovation and excitement fuel their ideas. This is how we generate brilliant brand concepts and marketing campaigns. What happens when it comes time to follow-up with those incredible leads you generated with that campaign? How are you nurturing those relationships? You can create a framework and a strategy for optimizing your customer relationships to increase their long-term value to the company.

Beckmann Collaborative has been working with solopreneuers, small businesses and mid-size teams on their CRM strategy. We've gathered our best practices and systems to offer a QuickStart CRM Strategy for you.

We show you how to collect customer data, set up a system for effectively tracking, and communications for managing those relationships. 

Cohesive Database

Using a CRM means putting all of your contacts into a single. cohesive database shared across your organization. It saves time when someone is searching for customer information, automating a sales process, creating customer personas, and so much more.

Smart Tracking

A CRM system is used to track everything from past purchases, phone calls, and meetings to personality traits, preferences and birthdays. Identify patterns and leverage them for your business. In some cases, it can even predict conversions in your sales funnel.

Automation Heaven

Imagine being able to automate those tedious recurring business processes.  Whether you want to create an automated email campaign for hot leads or simply trigger reminders to follow-up by phone, a CRM system can automate it.

Bonus 1. During the workshop, you will get a checklist and guidance for picking the CRM software that best fits your business.

Bonus 2. Following the Workshop, we'll host a virtual mastermind. You will get a chance to reconnect with everyone from the workshop for support with whatever step of the process you're at.

Bonus 3. You will have access to the CRM Strategy online course for reviewing the concepts and materials.  Plus, you can share updates, submit questions, and get more support.

This CRM workshop will not be a theoretical conversation. You will get a framework and hands-on practice in an intimate group setting with other marketers and business owners. While the workshop is valued at $1000 per seat, we want it to be accessible to everyone.  It will cost you less than $300 to attend.

Quick Start to CRM Workshop

September 13, 2019 | Fibercove in South Austin









Hi, I'm Candice DeRiso. Your CRM Instructor

With 14+ years working in marketing, I've gained extensive experience in digital, traditional, and guerrilla marketing strategy. From Carnegie Hall to high-tech, local attorneys, and commercial investing firms, I've worked with a wide range of businesses. Now I want to share the framework for my CRM strategy with you. 


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