The Practial Marketing Plan Template

In One Week or Less, you will have a Marketing Plan. This course offers a  blueprint for creating your own Marketing Plan in Six Steps.

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What's Included?

The Practical Marketing Plan Template Includes Six Parts, PLUS a Strategy Consultation with Candice DeRiso

We have created interactive forms that generate the parts of your marketing plan for you. The Practical Marketing Plan is organized into these Six Sections:

  1. Branding 101:  Whether you know it or not, you have a Brand. We'll gather the key elements of your business' branding. What's Your brand Story?

  2. Situation Analysis: We'll identify your current marketing tactics. Then you can review those efforts and the impact they make. Where should your marketing go?

  3. Goal Setting: Set SMART business goals and marketing goals, then measure your success. What are you work towards and how do you know when you are successful? 

  4. Ideal Customers: You will begin creating customer personas and understanding your ideal customers and their journey. Who should you focus on?

  5. Making a Process: With the background details in place you can organize things into processes of your marketing plan. How, when, and where will you promote your business?

  6. Marketing Analytics & Maintenance: Creating the plan is not enough. You need an on-going plan for marketing analysis and adjustment. How will you maintain this work?

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