The Complete Marketing Plan Template

Finally, a simple blueprint for creating your own Marketing Plan without overspending

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What's Included?

The Marketing Plan Template Includes Six Parts

  1. Branding 101: Get the vital basics of your business' branding. What's Your Story?

  2. Situation Analysis: Review your existing marketing efforts and the impact. Where should your efforts go?

  3. Goal Setting: Set SMART business goals and marketing goals. What are the benchmarks for measuring your success? 

  4. Finding Your Tribe: Begin to identify your ideal customers and their journey. Who should you focus on?

  5. Making a Plan: With the background details in place you can organize things into a marketing plan. How, when, and where will you promote your business?

  6. Maintenance: Creating the plan is not enough. You need an on-going plan for analysis and adjustment. How will you maintain this work?

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A Sneak Peak Into the Template ...

Here is just a taste of the content included in the marketing plan template

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