How We Work With Clients

Beckmann Collaborative's working style involves People, Process, and Technology.

Beckmann Collaborative is a consulting firm providing strategic planning, content support, implementation plans, data management strategy, and analytics support.

Our Process

Before We Begin...

Your free initial consultation is key to our shared success, and that is why the business assessment is used. We gather as much information upfront  as possible before creating a proposal.

Getting Started All Together

The goal of the kick-off meeting is to align all stakeholders. We will usually review the plan, answer questions, and identify the right people to coordinate with throughout the process.

Following the Plan

Our team has developed many repeatable processes proven to be successful. We also understand the uniqueness of each client and use the customized plan as our guiding force to keep everyone aligned.

Collaboration and Training

We are Co-Creators in this work. It's vital for clients to participate in the process. We provide consulting, implementation, and training support to empower our clients.

Regular Project Updates

Our team shares updates with our clients about once per week - whether it is by email, Zoho Cliq message, phone, or meeting. When we do meet, everyone shows up focused and following an agenda.

 Ready for an initial consultation? 

What to expect in your consultation...

The more detailed information you provide in our Business Assessment (see below), the better prepared we can be to answer questions and make suggestions. The purpose of the form is to make the best use of our time together. 

We will speak for about 30 minutes about your business and the project you have in mind. It's possible that you may get everything you need from this consultation in terms of advice. Or you may want to hire Beckmann Collaborative to support you and your team. Either way, we are happy to offer whatever guidance we can.