4 Ways to Communicate Your Brand Values

content marketing strategy Mar 15, 2020

There is a lack of trust in brands today. Why? Manipulative marketing and sales tactics. These "old school" tactics have caused the average consumer to think twice before opting in or laying down any cash. It's understandable. So how do modern marketers battle the past and build trust with their target customers?


Communicate the authenticity of your brand to customers

The word "authentic" seems to often be abused and misused these days. What does it really mean to be authentic as a business or brand? The definition of authentic is, “representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself and therefore worthy of belief.” This means your brand is trustworthy and that your entire team believes in and understands the purpose of your business. 

When it comes to communicating your authenticity, look to your "why." A business's brand values are guided by your why. Why have you built this business? What is the heart and soul of your company based on?  Once you clearly define brand values for yourself and your team, it's much easier to communicate in a real, authentic way. 


3 Ways to Communicate Your Brand with Authenticity

There are many ways to express your business' brand values in an authentic way. Customers should understand what your products and services stand for, not just what they do or provide.  This is how you build real trust with those customers. 

1. In-Person Events

The next time you attend a conference or networking event, you can prepare yourself by setting one simple goal - connection. More specifically, your goal is to establish a connection with 1-5 people who can potentially get value from your business. 

To attract the right prospective customers, partners or supporters, consider the way you talk about your brand.  Are you pushing it like a used car salesman? Or maybe you are being timid and not giving your business enough credit for your achievements. Authentic communication is a two-way process where the key to success is in listening to the other person. Once you understand and identify with the person, then your conversation is molded to his or her needs / interests.
[This is also a good tip for those of you dating.]


2. Personalized Communications

Email marketing is still an effective medium to reach customers and prospects, but sending out the same generic message to everyone is where many businesses fail. It is because of this realization that Beckmann Collaborative became so excited about the possibilities of using a CRM software to better manage personalized communications such as email and online chat. 

Customers are people, not numbers or datasets. It's important to treat them as such. Whatever you can do to create a personalized communication (email, chat, phone, etc) will make a huge difference in how your brand is perceived by customers. You don't want to be the company or organization that is known for sending spamy, generic messaging. I highly doubt that aligns with your brand values. 

  1. Find a CRM or Email platform that allows you to use merge fields in your messaging. This means you can insert the information for a field, such as first name or birth date into your message. 
  2. Do a good job of learning about customers / clients by asking the right questions and documenting it in that platform. 


3. Goodwill Messaging

This is when you show your target audience that there's more to your business than selling. Sending a message for the sake of doing the right thing can show up in many different ways:

  • Social Good Donation. Is there a non-profit organization that your business contributes to in some way? There's no reason to keep that a secret. Share with your audience why you like the organization and invite them to get involved. 


  • Company Culture. Do you go above an beyond for your team? That is a part of your branding, so it's logical to share that in your publicly shared messaging. This  helps you to recruit new employees in the future as well as develop a connection with your customers in another way. 


  • Just Because. Have you ever called up a friend or family member with no agenda? You simply wanted to tell that person you care. Why not treat customers in a similar way (without getting too personal or weird)? We've sent out emails such as a Random Acts of Kindness Day email to our clients, news articles that relate to them, birthday wishes, etc. Why? Because we like them enough to care, and we want to show it. 


4. Consistency 

While content is king, he is nothing without his queen - consistency. As you are writing blog posts, social posts, emails, or website copy, your brand voice should be consistent. Whatever voice, style, and wording that reflects your brand should always be used. 

This becomes more of a challenge once your business begins growing and you must educate staff about the brand. As you grow, be sure to integrate brand values, mission, and company culture into your onboarding process. This is one of the best ways to avoid confusion and create continuity in your brand communications. 


Many Ways to Better Communicate Your Brand

What is your company all about? What values does it stand for? If you have a defined brand strategy, your value proposition, brand promise, and brand personality traits, then you are ahead of so many other small businesses. Use these 4 ways in your business to make sure everyone in your company understands your brand and practices your values. The team should embody those brand traits and deliver on a brand promise. 



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