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7 Steps to a CRM Strategy Framework
Take these steps to create your CRM Strategy Framework.
06/10/2024 07:36 PM - Comment(s)
Database Basics: Automation Rules
Automation rules are a powerful feature of database applications allowing businesses to reduce work
05/30/2024 07:12 AM - Comment(s)
Database Basics: Parent and Child Relationships
Data Relationships in your database system: What is Parent and Child?
05/08/2024 07:44 AM - Comment(s)
Database Basics: Lookup Fields and Related Lists
Understand Data Relationships in your database: Lookup Fields and Related Lists
04/28/2024 01:52 PM - Comment(s)
Database Basics: Data Types and Formatting
There are 5 basic data types used in almost every online database application.
04/08/2024 11:00 AM - Comment(s)
Database Basics: Modules, Records, and Fields
Understanding Modules, Records, and Fields in a databased system such as Zoho CRM
04/01/2024 10:49 AM - Comment(s)
Why Use Zoho for a Content Marketing Platform?
The right content marketing platform gives your team the ability to successfully collaborate.
03/21/2024 07:47 AM - Comment(s)
Improving Marketing Operations for Financial Institution
Case Study: We faced a marketing operations improvement project for a financial institution client.
03/07/2024 09:45 AM - Comment(s)
5 Reasons You Need a CRM Strategy
Growing relationships with customers ultimately increase revenue. That's why you need a CRM Strategy
02/19/2024 08:37 AM - Comment(s)
Video: Automate and Track Lead Engagement
Our community requested more explainer videos to support our fellow Zoho users. These videos help with automating and tracking Leads.
02/07/2024 08:55 AM - Comment(s)