Our Core Values Include Freedom

12/06/2023 09:20 AM By Candice D.

Originally published Jul 13, 2022

Every brand has its core values. When a colleague asked me (Candice) about Beckmann Collaborative's values about five years ago, I froze. I was so caught up in the day-to-day operations that I had not really paused to consider WHY I was doing this marketing strategy and Zoho consulting work. And I had not documented the values I expected in the WAY the work is done. 

It is interactions like this one about core values that make me such a believer in building a strong community. Thank you to everyone who has ever contributed to the growth, learning, and innovation that Beckmann Collaborative has experienced in the past 7 years. 

These are our core values

Wisdom, Integrity, Collaboration, and Freedom


The thoughtful application of knowledge we gain along life's journey teaches us many things. Wisdom brings both grace and humility. Beyond consulting, we aim to educate clients and support them when applying new ideas and information to improve company. It's not always about marketing. Sometimes, there is a better process or way to communicate. The same goes for our team. We learn from each other and are constantly learning - whether it be from internal workshops, conferences, or online certificates. 



The act of being reliable and honest in all parts of life builds trust. From our first meeting to the day a project is complete, we will always share the truth about what is working or not. This may need to be lovingly honest feedback sometimes. Whether it is a mistake made or insights about what doesn't work for successful marketing strategy. 



The use of our collective intelligence gets us to the best outcome. We are proud to have established trusted partnerships with incredible businesses that also offer insight and support to our clients. As well, we treat every project as a transparent collaboration with the client's team. The most successful client relationships we have are with those businesses who share the collaborative mindset. 



The ability to make choices and carve your own path - that is how we celebrate freedom. At no point will we pressure you to think the way we do or do things in our style. Clients have the freedom to choose which recommendations best suit their business and team. Our team has the flexibility to shape their schedules and work environment. As long as work is done well and on time, it does not matter where you are or what time of day it was completed. 


Let's Talk About Freedom as a Core Value

Every July, Americans shoot off fireworks and eat watermelon etc on the fourth as we celebrate Independence Day. The way we see it at Beckmann Collaborative, the whole month is an opportunity to celebrate Freedom. 

Marketers are usually focused on freedom of speech. We absolutely value this freedom for both ourselves and our clients. As a business, you have the right to express your own ideas and values. Your words are vital to the success of marketing campaigns and your sales strategy. 

What is sometimes overlooked is our freedom of choice. Everyday we get to make choices that sculpt our lives - from the car you drive and place you live to the food you eat, the way you pray and so much more. 

This year we are especially grateful for our many freedoms as Americans. 


How Freedom Shows Up at Beckmann Collaborative

Rather than having the mindset of working FOR our clients, we work WITH our clients to help them achieve marketing, sales and operational success. This is an important distinction in how we work. 

There is a certain freedom in following a collaborative process with our clients. Unlike your handyman, there is a distinct human element that impacts your business and our ability to consult. This is why we collaborate with our clients to guide them to success. 

As a client's marketing consultant or Zoho partner, our role is to absorb your knowledge and aspirations then guide you to make the best decisions. While we are happy to write copy, create images, define strategy, etc. for our clients, the client's team must be involved in the process. We follow highly collaborative consulting processes, which allows us flexibility to create great things with our clients. Consulting gives us the freedom to say no to things that are not appropriate for our skills, schedule or processes.