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What is Social Impact in Business? strategy Nov 16, 2022

Your business can have social impact without ignoring revenue or growth

When a business aims to do more than sell products or services by giving back to the community in some way, we call it social impact or corporate responsibility. This is an initiative that aims to improve the lives of others while continuing to generate revenue and representing to the public that the company is altruistic. Larger companies use their social impact initiatives to recruit and retain employees by providing them with a sense of a bigger purpose.

If you are a small business owner with limited cash flow or resources, this may seem like a far fetched or unrealistic idea for you. Today, we challenge you to consider the good that social impact plans can make on everything - your community, your band, your team, and your bottom line. 


"Arizona Couple Gives...

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Why Services Marketing is Fun and a Challenge customer relationship management strategy Sep 21, 2022

There's something about marketing the intangible that seems to have unlimited potential for creativity when you're a marketer. Unlike product marketing, services marketing requires a unique approach to reach your target customer or client.

When we compare the effort of selling a widget to that of selling a service, there are noticeable differences. With a widget, there is usually just one primary person to target, one specific product use, and many obvious ways to promote it. The incredible challenge of building trust with the target audience is a big part of what makes services marketing so fun and challenging. We're often surprised to learn that many service companies do not have any kind of marketing plan.


How Building Relationships is Core to Services Marketing

Most marketing these days is already considered "relational" or based on building a...

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Marketing Communications Strategy and Reducing Breakdowns goals strategy Aug 18, 2022

Will a marketing communications strategy help sales and prevent breakdowns?

Simply put... yes. Documenting any strategy can make a significantly positive impact on whatever the focus may be in that context. Here we're talking about marketing, but there's a larger document you may also need in your business that some people refer to as a corporate communications plan. Do you have anything like this for your team and business?


Before getting into the details, let's pause to ask why we should be talking about communications strategies.  For me (Candice), this topic recently came up when I started reading Amelia Bedelia to my toddler. 

The story of Amelia Bedelia's incredibly silly and over the top mis-interpretations of her chores list make us laugh out loud. One of my favorite moments is when she reads, "Put the lights out" and interprets that to mean...

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Our Core Values Include Freedom goals strategy Jul 13, 2022

Every brand has their core values. When a colleague asked me (Candice) about Beckmann Collaborative's values about 5 years ago, I froze. I was so caught up in the day to day operations that I had not really paused to think about WHY I was doing this marketing strategy stuff. And I had not documented the values I expected in the WAY the work is done. 

It is interactions like this one about core values that make me such a believer in building a strong community. Thank you to everyone who has ever contributed to the growth, learning, and innovation that Beckmann Collaborative has experienced in the past 7 years. 

These are our core values

Wisdom, Integrity, Collaboration, and Freedom


The thoughtful application of knowledge we gain along life's journey teaches us many things. Wisdom brings both grace and humility. Beyond consulting, we aim to educate...

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for B2B Companies content marketing strategy Feb 17, 2022

B2B companies without a LinkedIn marketing strategy are missing big opportunities. 

Did you know that there are nearly 800 million individual users on LinkedIn in more than 200 countries?  

And there are over 57 million companies with business pages on the platform.

LinkedIn is definitely the place to be for businesses and professionals to market themselves. According to LinkedIn, their growth rate is currently two new members joining per second. In Microsoft's FY21 Q2 update, it was reported that user sessions grew 30% over the previous three months, and the platform's total revenue increased 23% in that period.

Things have only continued to grow. This past January, Microsoft reported that LinkedIn had record engagement on the platform last quarter. "LinkedIn has become one of the world’s largest platforms for professional events, with...

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Avoiding a Brand Identity Crisis - Starting with Values content marketing strategy Jan 13, 2022

Do you ever feel like your brand identity gets lost in the day to day operations of the company?

You aren't alone! Maintaining a strong, consistent company brand takes effort and a bit of planning.

The Beckmann Collaborative team usually asks new clients about their brand values, brand guidelines, and overall brand identity while we are onboarding. Surprisingly, the responses to these questions are often something like, "here's our logo, but we don't have any guidelines or anything."

 Our reaction internally is something like this....


While a brand can be whatever you want it to be, not knowing or sticking with your brand identity is a problem. 

Brand Identity: This is your brand's outward expression. It includes the company name, logo, brand values, value proposition, and all communications. It is how the world recognizes your brand as uniquely...

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A Business' Holiday List of Joyful To-Dos crm strategy Dec 01, 2021

What is your business doing to have a successful holiday season and wrap up the year nicely? 


We have a few ideas that may help you think about the joyful to-dos for your business this December. 


1. Send Personalized Cards

Yes, this is a no-brainer on your holiday to-do list as a business that cares for its customers. However, the important word in this to-do is "personalized." 

Whether you send a printed card, a gift, or even just an email, the important part of the experience for customers and partners is personalization. No one wants to feel like another number in your rolodex. Make sure they know that you know who they are and that they matter. 

Yes, there are semi-automated ways of doing this (if you really cannot afford the time). However, I emplore you (specifically B2B companies) to make time to think about your customers / clients. Aim to...

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Automating Accounting and Bookkeeping (Zoho Books Fun) strategy zoho Oct 05, 2021

Accounting and Bookkeeping Automation Ideas

As we continue our journey through some great automation ideas, this week the focus shifts to finance.

Yes, there are things in your bookkeeping and finance software to automate and make your life easier. Since we use the Zoho Finance Suite, most of the automation ideas here will reference those apps. However, many of these can be done in other platforms or by using tools such as Zapier.

If you missed the previous articles in the automation series, you can catch up. The first article was about Automations for your Sales Team.  That one provides useful CRM Automation Ideas to help your sales team close deals faster. The second article talked about Email Sequences and Email Automations where we shared clever Email Automations to engage both prospects and customers.


Avoiding Double Data Entry


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Marketing Automations in Kajabi to Sell Smarter productivity strategy Sep 02, 2021

Sell Online Courses Faster with Kajabi's Marketing Automation Tools


Beckmann Collaborative has been using Kajabi to host our online courses and resources for several years now. About two and a half years ago, we made the leap to move our entire website over to Kajabi from Wordpress. [I still love Wordpress as a website CMS].

When you need a no-code "one-stop shop" software to market and sell online courses,  membership sites, products etc, Kajabi is likely to come up in your search. 

You may already know that we really love marketing automation. And that is why we've been writing this series of articles on the topic. The first article was all about helping your sales team to automate in your CRM. In the second article, we dug into the specifics of automating emails - specific email automation sequences. And this article specifically talks about the cool, helpful...

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Marketing Without Cookies Using a Customer Data Platform (CRM) crm strategy Jun 17, 2021

You Don't Need Third-Party Cookies

Let's be honest, third-party cookies have become the creepy "big brother" of the advertising world. Learning about the deprecation of cookies from yet another browser wasn't all that surprising with the rise in digital privacy. 

Finding customers without third-party cookies is easier than you think. It begins with your customer data platform.


First Party Data

If you are stressed about the change in third-party cookies, there is a glaringly obvious direction to go... first party data. 

First party data is the information your business collects directly from your customers and prospects. This is data that you own. Usually, a business will gather this data from phone calls, emails, surveys, and buying history.

Let's discuss this a little more...

A not so long time ago, marketers spent a high degree of energy on collecting data from...

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